viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2016

Roland Kapl, nuevo socio del SKAL Madrid

      El Skal Internacional Madrid cuenta desde este mes de noviembre con un nuevo socio: Se trata de Roland Kapl, cuyas actividades profesionales las encontrarás en el  documento adjunto.


Roland Kapl

Managing Director
Trends Hospitality Services S.L. (Spain)

Roland Kapl is Managing Director of Trends Hospitality Services S. L. (Spain) a consulting firm in Barcelona, Spain, offering professional sales & marketing consulting and training services to the hospitality industries with a major focus on upmarket hotels.

Having started his career in hotel sales & marketing more than thirty-five years ago, his international experience includes consulting assignments and development projects designed to strengthen sales & marketing skills within hospitality companies, large and small.

Kapl gained his expertise in more than 14 countries: in Europe, Asia, Australia, the United States of America, Canada, Mexico and the Middle East. He spent the last 30 years in Asia, mainly China, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, India and Indonesia.

The last 20 years have seen rapid advances in the use of marketing and sales skills in the hospitality industry. He has assisted many international organizations in adapting to these changes and has dedicated his career to providing high quality learning experiences for sales & marketing professionals. An engaging and popular speaker/facilitator, Kapl consistently receives outstanding evaluations from participants.

Kapl developed programs and course curricula in a variety of areas including: Yield Management, Strategic Marketing Planning, Overcoming Objections, Negotiating for Results, Market Action Programs, Reservations, Sales & Marketing Coaching, Basic Selling Skills, Client/Account Management, Leadership and Simulation Workshops.

An automated Marketing Plan Software System (MAPS® - 3rd Version) for hotels of all sizes & markets was developed under the leadership of Kapl and has met with great success in many of the finest hotels in Europe, Asia Pacific, Australia, Middle East, USA, Mexico and Canada.

Kapl now lives in Madrid, while his office is located in Barcelona, Spain.

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